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Snap Mounts

Snap Mounts was looking for ways to expand after their initial Kickstarter campaign. After auditing and adjusting ad strategy and leveraging in-house creative work, we were able to significantly increase sales.

Learn more about how we helped a relatively new action camera accessories brand increase ROAS by 492% and average 7x across all campaigns.

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Who is Snap Mounts?

Use magnets to move your action camera with ease. Snap Mounts allows you to go from shot to shot without having to screw and unscrew your camera every time you want to change perspective. No tools are required, just SNAP and Go! Their full range of accessories allow you to turn any surface or adapter into part of the Snap Mount ecosystem. 


Recap of our performance ⛷

Recap of our performance ⛷

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Marketing Objectives & Strategy

This client came to us needing to push sales of their newly developed accessory for a GoPro action camera. The global camera accessory market has numerous players, many of which are competing on price and bundled offerings. Therefore, representing a company that values quality over quantity (i.e. high price point) creates many competitive advertising hurdles. We knew right away that the success of their brand was dependent on an engaged community and a cult-like following.

Google Ads - Facebook Ads - Instagram Ads - Verizon Media - Amazon Advertising

Paid Ads

Retargeting was extremely crucial, but driving prospecting and non-branded keyword sales was also imperative to the success of our campaigns and the growth of their business. On social and display ad channels we tested different audiences, placements, creative assets, messaging, and more in order to maximize our monthly ROAS. 

On search platforms, we used tactics like strategic bid adjustments, separating campaigns by mobile and desktop and optimizing based on device, negative matching, monitoring search queries and adding new keywords,  and more. These strategies allowed us to return fantastic non-brand and branded search metrics. 

Content Creation

Though the brand had some video assets, it had very little static content readily available for social and display campaigns. Our team of graphic designers created numerous sets of display creatives to run on various social media platforms and other channels through our DSP partners.

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