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Med Spa - White Label

See how by changing campaign strategies and updating the user experience, we increased online leads by 500% and decreased CPL by 45%.

Med Spa - White Label Client
Med Spa - White Label Client

What does this Med Spa do?

Specializing in aesthetics and wellness procedures, this Medical Spa brings their patients leading non-surgical treatments to help them look and feel their best with minimal to no downtime. Award-winning procedures like Botox, CoolSculpting, SkinTyte II, laser skin tightening, and more uplift and energize them for total-body beauty and vitality.

Med Spa - Performance Recap

Recap of our performance

Marketing Objectives & Strategy

Our client was looking to increase paid media results and update its lead generation system. Their online lead volume was declining and CPC was exorbitant. They also had poor landing pages that were negatively impacting the user experience.

Google Ads - Facebook Ads - Instagram Ads

Paid Ads


Adjusted the targeting strategy as we noticed a lack of audience diversity. This was limiting our ad spend on existing campaigns and as a result, creative assets proved to be repetitive and stale to viewers.

Ad Placement & Creatives

Rearranged ad placements and significantly improved campaign creative assets. Previously, there was no A/B testing being done, therefore instituting a testing plan to find out which assets and placements were converting new business was imperative to long-term success.

Facebook Forms

Created Facebook form-fill campaigns as leads were only being generated by phone calls and website forms. This would prove to eventually be a massive success.

Landing Pages

Designed new landing pages specific to Coolsculpting & Emsculpt procedures and adjusted the copy to give users a better experience. This ultimately would turn into more leads, higher lead intent, and an increase in appointments booked.

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